Word of the dean


The Faculty of Philosophy in Banja Luka was founded in 1994. In the development period of more than two decades, the Faculty has made an outstanding contribution to higher education in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Faculty of Political Sciences and Faculty of Philology have been established in the past years.

Today, the Faculty of Philosophy has the following accredited study programs: Philosophy, History, Psychology, Pedagogy, Preschool Education and Teacher Studies. The so-called Faculty is a small "university". At all study programs, classes are conducted on the first and second cycle of studies. Study programs Pedagogy and Teacher's Study in 2016 started teaching in the third cycle of studies. A great interest of the graduate is for enrollment in one of the six study programs of the first cycle of studies, among which are particularly distinguished: psychology, preschool education and teacher studies.

The Faculty of Philosophy owes great gratitude to the previous deans, academic prof. Dr. Milan Vasić (1994-1999) and academic prof. Dr. Dragi Brankovic (1999-2015) for the immense contribution to the establishment of the Faculty of War in the 90s and for his overall development. Since the new leadership beginning in the Faculty on October 1, 2015, there are numerous challenges. The priority is modernization of study programs. There are real potentials at the Faculty that can be used to develop new study programs of basic academic studies. In addition, the management of the Faculty seeks to increase the number of scientific meetings, scientific researches and publishing activities.

On the first cycle, the Faculty of Philosophy enrolls about 300, and on the second about 200 students. The Faculty, on average, completes 250-300 students annually. The management of the Faculty is particularly proud of the cooperation with the Students Union of the Faculty of Philosophy and the results that our students accomplish in extracurricular activities. We believe that investing in students is the best way of developing the Faculty and preserving its identity.

The achieved level of development and achieved results in teaching-scientific, scientific-researches and publishing activity made the Faculty of Philosophy a distinguished higher education institution, both at the University of Banja Luka, Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as abroad and the neighbouring countries. All this represents a solid basis for faster development and affirmation of the Faculty of Philosophy in the coming years.

prof. Dr. Brane Mikanovic, Dean