Scientific research

Within all study programs of the Faculty of Philosophy, scientific research projects have been continuously carried out. Most are organized at the level of scientific meetings, round tables, symposiums and conferences. Since 2000, the Faculty of Philosophy traditionally organizes a scientific meeting. Since 2016, the event is called the Banja Luka’s November Meetings, which is being held within sections with special themes. The names of previous meetings with a common theme were:

  • Science and education - important factors of Serbian spirituality (2000);
  • Philosophical-philological science at the beginning of the 21st century (2001);
  • Science and our social reality (2002);
  • The Unity of Science Today (2003);
  • Tradition and Contemporaneity (2004);
  • Science and Education (2005);
  • Culture and Education (2006);
  • Science and Contemporary Social Processes (2007);
  • Science, culture and ideology (2008);
  • Scientific and spiritual foundation of social reforms (2009);
  • Culture and education - determinants of social progress (2010);
  • Quality of teaching and scientific work and the Bologna process (2011);
  • Society Knowledge and Personality: Roads and Guides (de)humanization (2012);
  • Values and Contradictions of Social Reality (2013);
  • Critical thinking - a factor in the development of science and society (2014);
  • The state and perspectives of research in social sciences and humanities (2015);
  • Banja Luka November Meetings 2016 (topics of section: Post structuralism / Postmodernisam - half-century later; Identities and historical processes, Volume II: Research in psychology; Challenges of upbringing and education in theory and practice)
  • Banja Luka November Meetings 2017 (theme sections: Ancient Philosophy and the Contemporary World; Hungarians and South Slavs; Research in Psychology; Flows and Problems and Perspectives of Educational Process

After the meetings, the collections of papers was printed. In addition to Banja Luka's November meetings, the Faculty organized a number of meetings within the framework of study programs: philosophy, history, psychology and pedagogy.

At scientific meetings, besides teachers and associates of the University of Banja Luka, numerous guest speakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad also took part.

A number of projects have been implemented at the Faculty. In the period from 2007 to 2014, the following projects were implemented:

  • The value system for the youth in the post-war society in BiH (2007)
  • Youth’s speech today Banja Luka (2007)
  • Orthodox spirituality in Serbian literature of the 20th century (2008)
  • Cultural influences and value systems in RS literature (2008)
  • Youth and social values in the local community (2008)
  • Life and customs of Leaf Fields (2008)
  • Social and psychological determinants of youth tolerance in BiH (2008)
  • Banja Luka - women in the past of the city (2008)
  • Language and literary heritage on the territory of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2008 - 2009)
  • Globalization repercussions on society as a whole (2009)
  • Linguistic, linguistic and versological examinations of literary texts on the ground of Bosnia and (old) Herzegovina (2009)
  • Prevention and suppression of alcoholism and drug addiction among young people (2009)
  • Learning and development of children with special needs (2009)
  • Peer violence in elementary school (2009)
  • Born to create: order of birth, ability, giftedness and creativity (2011)
  • Violence and abuse of young people (2011)
  • Developing a system of dependent sentences as a means of identifying and correcting specific language difficulties with pre-school children (2010)
  • Methodology of higher education and intercultural education (2012)
  • Reform of the Curriculum and the Science Program on Cultural Heritage in BiH (2013 - 2014)
  • Cultural and historical contacts of bih with the Mediterranean, Central European and Balkan areas (2014 - 2015)
  • Research on complex social identities of young people in the Western Balkans (2014 - 2015)

Teachers and associates of the Faculty of Philosophy are able to go to scientific meetings in the country and abroad.

During 2016, the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences was established as a sub-organizational unit of the Faculty of Philosophy, which will undoubtedly improve the scientific research of the Faculty.